Daniel Kuhnlein


Daniel Kuhnlein

Daniel Kuhnlein de­ve­lops di­gi­tal pro­jects of high aes­the­tic and tech­ni­cal qua­li­ty. This Munich based desig­ner and web developer is pas­si­o­nate about his craft. He grew up using com­pu­ter techno­logy as a vehi­cle for crea­tive expres­sion and has ac­quir­ed skills in a wide range of methods, techniques and tools which he uses in digital brand communication.

In December 2003 he set up his own design office called Standard Deviation. Here he develops digital pro­jects at the inter­section of bran­ding, users and techno­logy – for com­panies, adver­tising agencies and cul­tural institutions.