Weekend Creativity Lab: 'What's bugging me, what do I change?'

Friday, 13/03 15:00 - 18:00

Weekend Creativity Lab: 'What's bugging me, what do I change?'

Design Schau! Lab

Design Offices Atlas
Rosenheimer Str. 143c 174, 81669 München

This question is asked by the Next Entrepreneurs students from the age of 12 to the Co-Host Design Offices. With experienced start-up founders and mentors, the students find solutions to the problems.

The average age of founders, currently 32 years, needs to change. If we want to understand what the world will look like in a few years, we have to start with the youngest. If kids know better how to use a cell phone than the 50-year-olds do, we should start to accept that our previous way of thinking may not take us any further. In the future, we will work in a team with new creative methods! With constantly improving approaches like Design Thinking, Lean Startup or hundreds of tools and apps, our young ones will simply build their world.

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Rosenheimer Str. 143C
81671 München

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Design Offices Atlas, Rosenheimer Str. 143c 174, 81669 München

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