Innovation and Design

Design expertise and creativity techniques are essential drivers of innovation. Design methods are an important tool for companies during all project phases in order to develop innovative products and services. Designers provide new business ideas with sense, form and function. They help to make the product or service more attractive, user-friendly and valuable.

Business and society are looking for innovative and sustainable concepts that are thought outside the box and can still be realized. By taking innovative approaches, rethinking business areas and creating new markets with innovative products, start-ups play an important role in this process

MCBW START UP is a start-up platform for companies and designers initiated for the sixth time by bayern design. The platform presents start-ups and teaches design skills to founders.

In addition to the exhibition and symposium focusing on INNOVATION AND DESIGN, the TOOLS FOR FOUNDERS workshop series provides crucial tools for the successful development and establishment of a start-up through workshops, coaching sessions and lectures.

The extensive programme of MCBW START UP aims to inspire and stimulate visitors to integrate innovations and new design methods into their personal and professional everyday lives.

MCBW START UP at a glance



In view of the rich Bavarian start-up landscape, bayern design presents a symposium on INNOVATION AND DESIGN as part of MCBW START UP on the 10.03.2020. In the subsequent get-together in the exhibition in Terminal 2, visitors can experience interesting exhibits live and network directly with the founders and speakers present.

Terminal 2 at Munich Airport


From February to April 2020 bayern design presents selected start-ups and their innovative products at Munich Airport. MCBW START UP is a platform sponsored by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs. The exhibition presents a broad spectrum of start-ups covering the areas of architecture, branding, digitalization, furnishing, leisure, mobility, fashion and virtual reality.



During the entire period of the MCBW, partner companies will provide concrete assistance through start-up workshops, coaching and lectures, which is important for the successful development and establishment of a start-up. Founders are provided with professional tools ranging from the vision of a new business idea to its result-oriented implementation.

Our Startups 2020


4tiitoo takes human-computer interaction to a new level. The newly developed eye-tracking software NUIA allows users to direct mouse movements on the computer with their eyes.


Together with several partners, Adaptive City Mobility (ACM) is developing a mobility concept for urban traffic. The concept includes a battery-powered electric vehicle, a station network for replacing battery modules and the digital infrastructure for vehicle rental.


Surfing without wind and waves - on an Aerofoil board, surfers fly just above the water at 18 km/h. In cooperation with AUDI AG, Aerofoils GmbH from Garching has developed a surfboard with an electric drive which opens a new dimension in water sports.


Timeless glasses intelligently manufactured: Annu, a young company of international designers and craftsmen from Nuremberg, designs eyewear with the latest technology and sustainable standards.


cosinuss° One is a high-performance fitness tracker for professional athletes, which monitors a wide range of vital parameters with the highest precision. It measures heart rate, heart rate variability and body temperature in the ear.


flissade was founded by two architects in Munich and offers a convertible window front for residential rooms. With flissade a balcony area can be flexibly integrated into the living space. The size of a living space can be transformed by the additional encompassing of the outdoor space using threshold-free sliding elements.


HEAVN develops and markets a lamp for office lighting that intelligently adjusts the intensity, colour temperature and direction of the emitted light to the course of the day or use.


The young Allgäu design company höfats rethought open fires and offers functional products in puristic design. From fire bowls, lanterns to multifunctional campfire places like CUBE.

Pfeffer & Frost

Pfeffer & Frost, founded in Nuremberg in 2018, has designed a new, plastic-free packaging concept for traditional Nuremberg gingerbread. The biscuits are packed in an ecologically degradable cling film and a newly designed sturdy cardboard box.


Sandhelden has succeeded in producing sanitary articles such as washbasins and bathtubs from sand. In a manufacturing process developed by Sandhelden, the products are printed three-dimensionally layer by layer from the raw material.

Sono Motors

Sono Motors, founded in Munich in 2016, is developing the battery-powered electric vehicle Sion. Solar cells integrated into the vehicle body supply the vehicle with electricity - in addition to charging via the power grid.


Since 2016, the self-balancing electric micro-vehicle UrmO has been developed by a Munich start-up from prototype to pre-series until its market launch in 2020. UrmO is designed as a micro-vehicle to be used as a supplement to existing urban transport systems.

WYE Design

The sustainable wood-based material Neolign is developed and produced by the start-up company WYE, founded in 2019. To manufacture Neolign, only recycled wood fibres are used. No new trees have to be felled.